Safety Practice


  • Please reschedule if you do not feel well 
  • Masking in the treatment room may be optional depending on exposure
  • Masking is required in common areas of the building. I wear my mask at all times.
  • There is an air purifier in the room and the common area
  • Fresh air is brought into the room by an open window between appointments to dilute the room air.
  • An hour or more is scheduled between appoints to give the air purifier time to run extra cycles.
  • High touch surfaces are cleaned after every appointment
  • I am fully vaccinated and boosted. All clients are welcome regardless of vaccination status.
  • Your appointment is about you. I listen to your goals and welcome feedback throughout the session. I keep talking to a minimum to reduce aerosols.
  • Social distancing in the common areas is easy to achieve. The building is spacious. The door to my office is open 10 minutes prior to your appointment if you prefer to come directly to the office.